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Our Price List

Global experience
2021/2022 Price List

Accommodation Placement fee $330 incl. GST
Single Room Shared Bathroom (O18)
Single Room Shared Bathroom (U18)
$340 per week
$365 per week
Twin Shared Room, Shared Bathroom (O18)
(Only available for 2 students booking at the same time)
$300 per week
Self-Catered Single Room (O18 ONLY)
(No meals provided)
$305 per week
Any extra night $60 per night
Extra option (Dietry requirements i.e, vegan, halal, etc) $80 per option

Special Program VIP:

Accommodation Placement Fee for VIP $380 incl. GST
VIP Homestay Single Room (O18) $465 per week
VIP Homestay Single Room (U18)
Includes private bathroom and internet 
$495 per week
VIP Self Catered Single Room (O18 ONLY)
VIP Extra Night
Extra option
$310 per week
$80 per night
$80 per option

Other Services

Caregiving Service Arrangement Fee $200 incl. GST
Caregiving Service $65 per week
Airport Pick-up Service $170 incl. GST
Parents Homestay Nomination Fee $380 per visit

Terms and Conditions

Homestay and Airport Pick-up

  1. The accomodation placement fee is NON-REFUNDABLE
  2. Please be advised your homestay accomodation placement will not be confirmed until the homestay placement fee, 4 weeks of homestay and airport pick-up fees are fully paid
  3. Students must book their accomodation for the first 4 weeks unless certain circumstances apply
  4. Students are committed to staying in their accomodation for at least the first 4 weeks unless it is under extreme circumstances.
  5. Students must inform Global experience and the host family if they wish to change thier accomodateion. Two week's notice will apply for any homestay changes
  6. Full homestay accomodation fees are non-refundable if cancellation is recieved less than 2 working days of the students arrival. Cancellation made after this period will incure 2 weeks cancellation fee.
  7. Airport pick-up fee is non-refundable if cancellation is recieved less than 2 working days of students arrival. If students change thier flight details, they must let us know no later than 24 hours in advance otherwise standard charges apply.
  8. A $110 Surcharge applies for arrivals during public holidays such as Christmas Day, New Years Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday.
  9. A $99 service fee applies to the following occasions: homestay transfer to another homestay provider and unused caregiving service.
  10. A $50 late booking fee applies for any bookings recieved less than 72 working hours.


  1.  The caregiver arrangement fee is NON-REFUNDABLE
  2. The caregiver weekly fee is refundable if the cancellation is made no less than 2 weeks prior to the stundents arrival.
  3. If the cancellation is made after 2 weeks prior to the stundents arrival, a two weeks' notice applies.
  4. If the cancellation is made after the student's arrival, a four week's notice.

Parent Nomination Homestay

  1. Parent Nomination Homestay placement fee is NON-REFUNDABLE once the screening process begins and/or the homestay is disapproved for not meeting Global experience's standard.
  2. Parent Nomination Homestay placement fee is valid for one year and if a yearly revisit is required thereafter, a new placement fee will apply.